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Alerte Info: Les député-es européen-nes ont condamné la junte militaire et exigent le gel des avoirs des auteurs du coup d'état// Au Tchad, la plateforme Wakit Tama" l'heure est arrivée " appelle ce jeudi 19 mai 2021 le peuple à manifester pour le retour à l'ordre constitutionnel //


Publié par Mak

                    With love we can, without ‘it we won’t be able to see it happened:

Let me tell you that you are big time wrong, even if we share the same dream for Tchad, am not looking at the wall but, my vision are behind what you can see!!

Trust me bro, no human been got the power or the will to end an entire blood line; accept the only God that created us!! So don’t talk about ending all the ITNOs, but talk about change for peace!

What are we talking about and what are we looking forward to see it happen in Tchad? What we lack is a good will to look at all the sides and, find meaningful solution for all!! You at your side telling me to that those rebellion will end the suffering of the people; I strongly disagree!! Remember that our country is unique when it comes to tribal divisions!! Remember also that our country been in war since 1963, 3 years after independence and, all those war broth to us only misery. However one war against the Libyans can be justified; the rest can never be!

 You also arguing and encouraging youth to take the road of our oldest and fight! “You wrong”. Those who fight today, where rolling and contributing to all sort of decisions since December 1990; tell me what they achieved or the good thing they have done? The answer will be zero”. Please do not encourage war or any rebellion, this do not mean that am agreeing with the way our Tchad been ruled!!

I do understand that is not easy to have a peaceful revolution in a country like Tchad but, we have to start from somewhere! There is no short cut, accept peace!!

Brother fill your chest with smile and be optimistic regarding our future! Send a constructive message not destructive. We the youth can do ‘it only, if we all together in peace, not following any rebellion they can only be a curse to our BELOVED TCHAD!!!