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HENDHA.jpgBy Hend Harouni-Tunisia

In the Name of Allah the Clement and the All merciful and Prayer and Peace Be upon our Sincere and Loyal Prophet Muhammad

Tunis on the 25th of January, 2010

Obviously, earthquakes, inundations, floods, hurricanes, storms are all weather natural disasters from Allah the Divine power, our Creator just like the recent Haiti seism that no one can ever know about prior to its occurring in order to prevent from taking place then and we may qualify them as “unexpected disasters” .In such cases the SOS humanitarian aids flow from several places in this world, basically from countries’ authorities and this is the human being’s duty and commitment to international regulations relative to humanitarian assistance and solidarity between the peoples. Yet such aid has to be fairly donated to damaged countries without exception and with no other illegal interests behind under any kind of exploitation abuses either material on the level of the countries’ sovereignties and resources or that of the human beings and their dignities and bodies, otherwise it could no longer be called humanitarian only.

The Tuesday, 12th January 2010 Haiti earthquake at a strong magnitude : 7.0 roughly 25 kilometers (16 mi) west of Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti, striking at 16:53:09 local time (21:53:09 UTC). The earthquake caused major damage to Port-au-Prince. Most basic landmarks were considerably damaged or destroyed, including the Presidential Palace, the National Assembly building and other buildings. Most hospitals in the region were destroyed. The United Nations declared that the headquarters of the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH), sited in the capital, had collapsed and that the Tunisian Mission's Chief, Mr Hédi Annabi, was missing. Later he was buried in his country.

This seism already resulting in hundreds of thousands of killed people and as declared on the 24th of January the figure is estimated to highly increase to reach about 300.000 in Port-au-Prince and the rescuing operation is still continuing. Ref. : following extract and link source from Telegraph.co.uk :

Haiti earthquake: government fears toll could rise to 300,000 24 Jan 2010
Haiti’s government has claimed the toll from the country’s earthquake could rise to as many as 300,000 dead. The confirmed death toll was raised to 150,000 on Sunday, but that was only the count of bodies so far found and collected in the capital Port-au-Prince. It did not include those recovered in other areas like the shattered city of Leogane, near the earthquake epicentre, and Jacmel on the southern coast.
Link :


Consequently, there is no guaranty for any one from any country to die because of the seism. Thus, human solidarity has to be granted wherever the human being might be. 

The major question is : why then when it has to do with human catastrophes that are deliberately caused by the human beings themselves to one another and that can surely be avoided by the international human structure and prevented from taking place it is not prohibited, “the expected catastrophes” i.e. colorizations, genocide crimes, inhuman treatments, using phosphoric bombs, life destruction : killing of newly born babies and children, men and women young and old- blood scenes -, destroying houses, schools, hospitals and any kind of buildings, causing physical and psychological handicaps in addition to  intensification of  all kinds of sieges imposed on a territory of 1.5 million people (suffering from lack of food, electricity –the territory has already water complications-, shortage of medicines and chirurgical equipments , by a military force aggressor using advanced means of  illegal weapons having caused serious cancerous illnesses due to white phosphorous used by the war maker : what the zionists did in Gaza strip in the 22 day war since more than one year period, also adding the policy of prevention of humanitarian convoys to break the siege and give support to the Gazaoui  people who have but resisted the attacker – colonizer not to forget all what Palestine as a whole has always been suffering from : the land, the people and the sacred places from this same aggressor.

Preventing the human made disaster being the worst that humanity can ever bear in the unfair war shapes to take place is possible, it is the human duty and right solution not to come up with a heavy record of human losses and country damages that are mostly incurable by people resisting the worst kind of injustice and colonization all over the world.

In this second case, the war and even the disasters were not stopped from the start as being wanted and the accumulation of human suffering and pain and within and after more than one year period since the war on Gaza, whose people gave the best example of patience and strong belief in Allah and in their resistance of the colonizer, yet still so many obstacles are kept made to them.

On the 15th of January 2010, around 50 parliament members from 12 countries among them 16 members from The European Parliament came to see Gaza life disastrous conditions and the zionists’ holocaust phosphoric deeds and consequences.

The steel wall between Egypt and Gaza can but make heavier the burden of the Gazaouis especially that the siege from Rafah out crossing and those by Israel are strictly closed. Normally, the control on people and goods regulations can be made through the opened not the closed crossing and also to provide the Gazaoui neighbors with support of all kinds as they are under siege after a genocide war by the Zionists.

Among those personalities I was so impressed when watching the Qatari Aljazeera T.V. channel sequence on January 16th concerning Lord Collin with his wife and the young Gazaoui child called Luay Subh who lost his sight just as Lord Collin is sightless but because of the zionist attack the idea about what he said : « we have to do something and that it is unreasonable that the situation stays like this even for one day more” and Luay told him :”they attacked us by arms, we want to triumph by science” and Lord Collin promised him that he would transmit his message. Despite his age and his sight handicap, THE HUMANITARIAN MILITANT MR COLL went to Gaza with his wife!.

As a conclusion, what about the humanitarian aids as far as the Gazaoui people is concerned ?.