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Alerte Info: Les député-es européen-nes ont condamné la junte militaire et exigent le gel des avoirs des auteurs du coup d'état// Au Tchad, la plateforme Wakit Tama" l'heure est arrivée " appelle ce jeudi 19 mai 2021 le peuple à manifester pour le retour à l'ordre constitutionnel //


Publié par Mak

What we need is peaceful revolution by all the youth!!!

Dear brother Makaila, am taking bit of time out of my evening, first to send my profound and endless thanks to you and others brothers including Halata that use their writing to send their voice loud, in order to end suffering of our people in Chad.

However our Chad is in a situation that needs the entire generation to end the cycle of War, Injustice, Corruptions and selfishness from our leader! The absence of strong transparent rule of law and credible public institutions helped fostered corruption by most of leaders and highly positioned public servants. Money that suppose to go for investment of essential needs, are saved in the save haven private accounts all over western banks.

A leader that prefers to hire a brainless from his close family, than a competent, experienced person that can serve the country better!!!

A leader that can allow his close relative to rube the country without even blinking his eyes!!! This means his serving only his tribe and, ruling the rest of the people!!!!

A leader that will leave only one legacy, “corruption and injustice” to the people to remember him with!!! 

Our capital city become a training ground for the mens in Arms, form AK47 (klash) to Rockets’ (Bazouka) are carried in the day light! Arbitrary arrests and humiliation been inflicted by one tribal group, to most of the citizen!!!

Poverty related sickness is denying many kids to go school or just have a good day playing and running like a normal kids.  Either because they can’t have security or can’t have access to treatment against Malaria, Diarrhoea and TB. In some cases the lack of food can inflict many health issues; one of the most common is Under Nutrition.

Among the dead poorer women and children under the age of five, they are dying daily, by preventable diseases. A very poor condition of live, followed by diseases in a very hot continent without a hope for tomorrow, is also in a way a dead sentence

Moreover the national income is divided by one tribe, instead of investing in the need of the people!! “In 2004 a survey tracked money released by the Ministry of Finance in Chad intended for rural health clinics. Amazingly 01 percent reached the clinics---99 percent failed to reach its destination. In Chad the only option is for government to provide services, and corruption has closed off this option”. (Collier P, 2008. P66)

I do understand that the situation is hurting and humiliating but; more than ever am disappointed by many of the new generation that support rebellions and tribal fighters. Many youths from Chad do not understand what war can inflict, and it will take how long to heal!!  

I’m ashamed by many young people that still following the way of our oldest, who claim what they seeking by “violence”, and there justice will be injustice for the people!!!!

 War is one of the worst activities that a group or a state will direct his people to. Violence fosters death, destruction, devastation, displacement, family separation and child abduction, guerilla forced recruitment and many more misery inflicted to civilians. The levels of poverty also grow very fast among ordinary citizen. Government will direct all or most of revenue and resources toward purchasing of weapon and military need; ignoring the need of tax payers. Looting, rapes and Children fighters are very common among Chad conflicts.

I’m against all sort of violence, because violence will only inflict injustice and more violence!!!.........and if you think you are fighting or supporting any rebellion, it means you are helping to bring injustice by other group for the others!!!..........and if you stand by your tribe, then you are not better than them!!!!

What we need is peaceful revolution by all the youth not war!!!


Affono Mahamat-Seid Alifei                                                                                                       
University of Derby UK