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Alerte Info: Les député-es européen-nes ont condamné la junte militaire et exigent le gel des avoirs des auteurs du coup d'état// Au Tchad, la plateforme Wakit Tama" l'heure est arrivée " appelle ce jeudi 19 mai 2021 le peuple à manifester pour le retour à l'ordre constitutionnel //


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O Allah, this is Your practice and the practice of Your Prophet, Your blessings be upon him and his family; obeying Your ideal and Your Books is the result of Your volition, and Your will and judgement you decreed, a rule You executed. So take away from them the pain of the knife in their circumcision and their scarification through a command – You are more knowing of it than I, O Allah, And cleanse him of sins, prolong his life for me, drive away injury and pain from their body, increase them in wealth, and fend off poverty from them; for you know and we do not.



Dear Chadians

Mr. Souleyman and Mrs. ZARA MAHAMAT have cordially invited you to share their special moment; pride and love when their beloved sons, HAMZA ET MAHAMAT become circumcised on the 11th of April 2009 at 8pm London time. Please come and join them to celebrate this special occasion at a dinner party given by Mr. and Mrs Hassan at



                     Let's get together and
eat, drink and enjoy some traditional Chadian Tunes!

Souleyman Hassan Tel:  07903527463-OR 07903564429             

On Behalf of the Souleyman Hassan Family.


Chadian Community in London



Ahamat Molikini