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undefinedWednesday, January 2, 2007 :  Chad :  Could 2008 Be Different for Chad, CAR and Sudan?  


Peace and Stability Are Sorely Needed to Get Chad, Sudan and CAR from the Brink of Desintegration.  By Djimé Adoum, chad-news.info


The year 2007 that just ended has been extremely painful for Sudan, Chad and the Central African Republic (CAR) in terms of human suffering, internal strifes and armed struggles.  The three countries have all seen increased rebellious factions fight their respective governments.  This is partially the result of confiscation and concentration of power into a few hands (Sudan, CAR, Chad)  or modificaiton of the constitution (as the case of Chad). 


The international community has seized the opportunity presented by the crisis in Darfur to  come to the rescue.  The EU-UN-AU will send in troops to stabilize the corridor to make it possible for humanitarian agencies to continue their assistance to the refugees as well as to the internally displaced people (IDP).


In addtion to the refugee crises, all three countries have experienced severe internal political instability.  Regional powers including Libya are trying to provide some assistance toward peace settlement.  Libya has been trying to secure a peace agreement between President Deby and the Chadian politico-military groups.  These accords have so far fallen short of their objectives to bring peace to Chad.  Some of the signatories have broken ranks with their colleagues and joined the government without the implementation of the general framework.


Severe fighting in separate skirmishes took place pinning forces loyal to General Nouri, Timan Erdimi, Adoum Kougou and former Ambassador Soubiane to the government troops.  The degree of destruction and human casualties was reported to be the most severe in recent memory.  Despite this level of brutality and desctruction, peace remains extremely elusive.


The Sudanese government, which was on the brink of collapse when members of the SPLA pulled out, is back in business.  The SPLA came back in full force and joined the government of natonal unity.  This government of national unity still faces the enviable task of doing all it can to settle the Darfur crisis.


The CAR has succeeded in securing the support of the UN for a national dialogue that is urgently needed to set the country back from useless and unecessary destruction.  This might go a long way toward helping the CAR and its citizens back on the road to consensus building toward a viable and democratic state.


Chad on the other hand is gearing up for war.  According to several reports, President Deby bought sufficient military hardware and is preparing for an all out war.  Similarly the politico-military groups have also coalesced into a unified group (at least UFDD of General Nouri, RFC of Timan Erdimi, and UFDD-Fondamental of Aboud Makaye) have unified into a single military command.  They hope to coordinate their efforts if and when fighting flares up again. 

Despite the propensity for war, most Chadians are still hopeful that a peaceful solution can be found.  Several attempts are under way to call for an inclusive peace dialogue. 


Along the same line and according to a Libyen online newsreport , President Deby has sent a written letter to Colonel Kadhafi exhorting him to pursue his peace initiatives for Chad and Sudan.  We hope that genuine efforts will be bring to bear on this volatile region to help both the governments and their warrying counterparts to find peaceful way to solve the institutional crises.   We know it is not easy but good will and reason must prevail over greed and personal gain.  A country needs full participation from all its citizens.


Happy New Year to All !