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Flash Info: Urgent-Tchad-Niger-Libye: plusieurs opposants armés tchadiens détenus au Niger, la CTDDH redoute leur extradion vers le Tchad où leurs vies sont en danger (communiqué de presse de la CTDDH)// La famille Hissein Bourma dans le collimateur de Donald Trump//


Publié par Mak

Members of the editorial board of www.tchachadi.com, did a remarkable job in revealing the secrets of ANS (Agence Nationale de Securité) the political police of the Chadian dictator after having a direct access to their confidential files. Depicted pictures of tortured and then brutally murdered chadians were published by the website. These pictures were very graphic and difficult to watch. The barbaric marks that were left on the dead bodies show the cruel treatments that they received before being executed. When we feel difficult to watch the pictures, imagine the agony that these Chadian civilians went through before dying. Nothing in this world justifies such a severe brutality on them.


The Chadian dictator Idriss Deby thinks these behaviors reduce the population to silence. Well, it is true that dead people don’t speak but in this case their bodies have expressed a lot about the nature of his barbaric and evil regime. Did he really think about the feeling that we as Chadians and others as humans get by seeing these pictures? May be he thought to hide everything as he did in his previous numerous atrocities. One thing is clear Mr. Tyrant Deby. You only showed us not just how evil your regime is but also how devil you are.


These monstrous acts of yours cannot and will not be forever hidden and never be tolerated. There is one Chadian proverb that says “No one in this world, with ten fingers without ten relatives”. Therefore, even when chadians are afraid to come forward and speak about their disappeared relatives, they deeply know that you murdered them. You should expect to be interrogated one day for their killings.


When human right organizations said in 2001 that the dictatorial regime of Deby is responsible for the killings of more than 25000 chadians, the reaction of the international community was not seen. Perhaps, there was no reaction because there were no supportive pictures of the killings. Now, these pictures and the disappearance of Dr. Ibni Oumar Mahamat Saleh in February 2008 along with hundreds other chadians show more than just an evidence to condemn and persecute Deby. 


We ask the international community and human rights organizations to condemn these brutal acts of the Chadian dictator and make real and independent inquiries about the number of the people who were killed in these conditions. Ignoring these acts will insult your moral duty and make us doubt your real mandate and mission.


Taking people’s life this way is not just humiliating for the victims and their families on our land but it is also an insult for the whole human kind. The monster Deby will never stop his evil acts unless he sees a real threat of persecution from the international community that is unfortunately backing him blindly so far.



Idriss Deby is also the real instigator of the problem of Darfour except others were unfortunately unjustly blamed because he didn’t show any disrespect to western countries and he has personal relationships with most of their leaders.


 Isn’t the real job of a good president is to protect its people? As Deby is not a president but a despotic gangster, he thinks his duty is to kill them. There should be a way to prevent him from committing atrocities and killing innocent civilians. Otherwise, his brutality will spread behind our Chadian borders as he did in Darfour.


Souggy Manouri


August 3, 2008