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Flash Info: Déposée devant le Tribunal de Paris, depuis deux ans, une plainte à l'encontre d'Ismaïl Chaïbo, est en instruction.Elle a été annoncée pourtant sur France Inter. Il vient d'être nommé Directeur des Renseignements militaires (B2) au Tchad, rèvèle l'hebdomadaire, Jeune Afrique basé en France//


Publié par Mak

Clay Feet: Chad’s Surprising Rise and Enduring Weaknesses

In recent years, Chad has begun to emerge as a regional leader in Africa, playing a role in the 2012-2013 Mali conflict, contributing to the overthrow of President Francois Bozize in the Central African Republic and forming a significant military partnership with France in 2014. However, these signs of power mask an ongoing political stagnation in Chad and the failure of the government to make any serious improvements in living conditions for the vast majority of the population. Frustrations with how oil money has failed to deliver economic development, along with power struggles at the heart of the Chadian government, may yet destabilize the country and lead to a change in leadership.